The Bulldog Marching Band and Music Department are combining the scholarship/stipend applications in addition to holding all auditions on the same day. The Fresno State Department of Music Audition Day provides prospective students an opportunity to audition for department faculty and become eligible for departmental scholarships.

Auditions for the Bulldog Marching Band Winds, Bulldog Beat, Music Department Instrumentalists, and Music Department Vocalists will take place on the same day. Students who are auditioning for more than one area will be scheduled for separate audition times. You do not need to be a Music Major to apply and audition for Marching Band or Bulldog Beat Scholarship.

Audition Days will take place on:
February 15th - 8:00am to 5:00pm (Woodwind, Brass)
May 3rd - 9:00am to 5:00pm (Colorguard)
May 4th - 9am to 5:00pm (Percussion Clinic)

Bulldog Marching Band Registration will take place in the University Bands Office.
Music Major Registration will take place in the Department of Music Lobby
Please park in Lot C. Click here for a Campus Map.

What is required for an audition?
1. Fill out an application and return by email or mail.
Colorguard & Percussion Application use the same application as above and email them to Sindi McGuire
- Click here for the Twirler application and audition requirements
2. Schedule an audition time and obtain more information by contacting the appropriate persons below:

  • 3. Prepare for your auditions
  • Bulldog Marching Band: Those wishing to audition for Scholarship/Stipend opportunities need to be prepared to play any of the listed Scales and an Etude for their particular instrument.
  • Percussion Audition Music: Snares - Tenors - Bass
  • More information for Colorguard and Percussion will be posted as they become available.
  • Instrumental Auditions: Applicants for admission should be prepared to perform one or more selections that represent your highest level of performance. An accompanist will not be provided for instrumental auditions. Students may use an accompaniment CD or bring their own accompanist.
  • Voice Auditions: Applicants for admission should prepare two classical songs, one of which must be in a language other than English. Songs must be memorized and please bring two copies of your music to the audition.

Those auditioning for Marching Band Scholarships and Bulldog Beat should complete the same application. Please note that Bulldog Beat auditions for drum set, key board, and bass guitar will occur on the February 15th audition date.

Questions can be directed to Eileen Zacharczyp at or (559) 278-5086.
For more information on how to Apply to be a Music Major head to