Lawrence R. Sutherland "Outstanding Bandsman"
The 2013 Lawrence R. Sutherland "Outstanding Bandsman" was awarded to Bryan Raya

Ritchie Clendenin "Outstanding Bandsman"
The 2013 Ritchie Clendenin "Outstanding Musician" was awarded to Jennifer Broussard

Gary P. Gilroy "The Family Man"
The 2013 Gary P. Gilroy "The Family Man" was awarded to Callie LaFlam

Outstanding Marcher
The 2013 Outstanding Marcher was awarded to Daniel Carrion

Nathan Ray Memorial "Rookie of the Year"
The 2013 Nathan Ray Memorial of the Year was awarded to Iisak Niemela

Unsung Hero
The 2013 Unsung Hero was awarded to Aaron Cunningham

Outstanding Colorguard Member
The 2013 Outstanding Colorguard was awarded to HJenny Harrington

Paul Shaghoian "Most Inspirational"
The 2013 Paul Shaghoian "Most Inspirational" was awarded to Edgar Islas

Leadership Award
The 2013 Leadership Award was awarded to Jason Cruz

Outstanding Percussionist
The 2013 Outstanding Percussionist was awarded to Matthew Dye

Director's Citation
The 2013 Director's Citation was awarded to Haley Sergent

Outstanding Woodwind
The 2013 Outstanding Woodwind was awarded to James Stinecipher

Outstanding Brass
The 2013 Outstanding Brass was awarded to Spencer Hannibal-Smith

Distinguished Service
The 2013 Distinguished Service was awarded to Cathie Salinitro

Honorary Bulldog Marching Band Member
The 2012 Honorary Bulldog Marching Band Member was awarded to Dr. John D. Welty